have you been affected by the current emission scandal?

Coverage of the Volkswagen Emissions Scandal has dominated global headlines over recent weeks. The scandal, which centres on the discovery of a "defective device" enabling certain VW models to cheat emission tests, has caused considerable damage to the company's reputation and left many consumers feeling an irrevocable level of mistrust has been created towards the brand.

Currently, the media remains heavily focused on Volkswagen How can they justify such a device? Who should be held accountable? What steps do they plan to take to rectify their wrong? The Associate Law Firm is focused solely on protecting those impacted by the scandal. We believe both car owners and dealerships are at risk of suffering a financial loss following the software discovery.

It has been confirmed that 1.2 million vehicles in the UK have been affected by the scandal. Volkswagen have produced the following breakdown:-

  1. VW Vehicles 508,276 (Golf, Passat, Beetle, Jeeta)
  2. VW Commercial Vehicles 79,838
  3. Audi Vehicles 393,450 (A3)
  4. Seat Vehicles 76,773
  5. Skoda Vehicles 131,569

Although labelled a "defective device" by the media, it is actually software installed in the 1.2, 1.6 and 2.0 litre EA189 engines which are causing the problems. The software has the ability to detect when cars are undergoing test conditions and is able to programme the engine to provide dramatically reduced emission figures than would normally be the case in real road conditions

Vehicle is on the road. The result is that Volkswagen have been _____ (figures 40% higher than what VW claimed?) Alarmingly, these emission figures are in breach of both American and European limits. Although Volkswagon have ensured all affected vehicles remain safe to drive, owners now face a tedious and drawn out process of recall for the error to be rectified.

It remains unclear what work will need to be carried out to correct the flaw, however speculation has been rife on whether the emission figures provided at the point of sale can be achieved without compromising vehicle performance.

We have already assessed the situation and our Consumer Rights Solicitors can tell you that you may be entitled to recovery of financial losses such as:-

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